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Certification Update : Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate

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Certification Update : Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate

Last week I passed the AZ-800 (Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure) follwed by AZ-801 (Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services). Clearing both the exams gives you “Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate” certification.

I used Microsoft learn for both the exams and the exam was pretty straightforward.

Exam AZ-800: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure – Learn | Microsoft Docs

Exam AZ-801: Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services – Learn | Microsoft Docs

Skills Measured in AZ-800:

  1. Deploy and manage Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in on-premises and cloud environments (30-35%)
  2. Manage Windows Servers and workloads in a hybrid environment (10-15%)
  3. Manage virtual machines and containers (15-20%)
  4. Implement and manage an on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure (15-20%)
  5. Manage storage and file services (15-20%)

Skills Measured in AZ-801:

  • Secure Windows Server on-premises and hybrid infrastructures (25-30%)
  • Implement and manage Windows Server high availability (10-15%)
  • Implement disaster recovery (10-15%)
  • Migrate servers and workloads (20-25%)
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Windows Server environments (20-25%)

My view on AZ-800:

If you’re coming from an Identity background, this can be a mixed bag for you. Most of the content comes from AD & Services (30-35%), as shown on the page above. However, things can be tricky if you have never worked in containers, VM, or managing a hybrid ecosystem. Or in case you have been working on hybrid infra but lack AD concepts, this can be tricky too. So, overall this exam covers lots of topics that will usually take a few weeks to learn.

My view on AZ-801:

Coming from an infra background, this exam was okay for me. If you look at the skills needed, then the majority are related to Windows Administration like hybrid services, migration, windows roles and services. Lastly, troubleshooting windows. I knew most of the concepts around windows administration, so the content was familiar to me.

Overall, Microsoft learn is the right place to kick off your learning for both exams. For me, it took me a couple of weeks to go through AZ-800 and a few concepts of AZ-801. I had appeared for AZ-800 on Monday and then appeared for AZ-801 the same week. If you’ve worked in Azure along with some experience in Windows Administration stuff, this certification should be easy.

Best of luck.

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