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Auto Clean Azure Resources – Using Azure Automation

Here’s an easy way to clean up Azure Subscription and delete all resource groups, plus resources to save some credits. Step 1 is to create a resource group named ‘automation’ (or change the name in the script below) and create an automation account. Ensure that the “System Assigned” identity is checked while account creation. Step…
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Import Existing Azure Resources into Terraform: aztfy

Terraform, in case you aren’t aware of it !! Terraform is an infrastructure as a code tool that enables you to define your data centre resources using high-level configuration language and provision them across multiple clouds. Terraform supports AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, and more. With Terraform, you can manage your Infrastructure as Code,…
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Azure B2C – The Basics

What is Azure B2C? Azure B2C is the future of identity management. It is a cloud-based service that allows organizations to manage user identities in a secure and scalable way. Azure B2C allows users to easily sign in and access resources without needing to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Azure B2C also supports social login…
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Public preview: Microsoft Dev Box

What is the Dev Box? The Microsoft Dev Box is a cloud-based development environment that offers developers the tools and resources they need to create applications for the Azure cloud platform. Developers can access the Dev Box from any web browser, and they can use it to develop applications for any Azure-supported language. The Dev…
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What’s New in Azure: A Summary of the Last 30 Days (August 2022)

General availability: Next hop IP support for Route Server Published date: August 01, 2022 With next hop IP support, you can deploy network virtual appliances (NVAs) behind an Azure Internal Load Balancer (ILB) to acheive key active-passive connectivity scenarios and improve connectivity performance. To learn more about this feature, check out next hop IP support. Azure Firewall…
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Azure Update Management Center (Preview)

Update management centre (preview) is a unified service to help manage and govern updates for all your machines. You can monitor Windows and Linux update compliance across your deployments in Azure, on-premises, and on the other cloud platforms from a single dashboard. Using the Update management centre (preview), you can make updates in real-time or…
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Deploy ARM template using Terraform

Terraform is a tool that can be used to manage the infrastructure of a company. Terraform can be used to create, manage, and update infrastructure as code. ARM templates are files that are used to describe the infrastructure that needs to be created. In this article, I will show you how to deploy an ARM…
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Azure ASG vs NSG: Which One is Right for You?

Azure application security groups and Azure network security groups are both powerful tools used to protect your applications and resources in Azure. However, there are some critical differences between the two that you should be aware of before deciding which one is right for you. Application security groups are designed to protect applications, while network…
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Regulatory compliance using Defender for Cloud

The regulatory compliance dashboard in Microsoft Defender for Cloud shows your selected compliance standards with all their requirements, where supported requirements are mapped to applicable security assessments. The status of these assessments reflects your compliance with the standard. The regulatory compliance dashboard shows the status of all the assessments within your environment for your chosen…
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Azure Network Manager – Get the best for the minimum amount.

Azure Virtual Network Manager (In Preview), is a central management service for your virtual network resources, significantly reducing your operational overhead. Easily manage your virtual network infrastructure while scaling your cloud-based workloads. Use the centralized solution to create and manage complex network topologies and network security rules globally across subscriptions. The brief tutorial explains how…
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