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Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2023

The internet has become a staple in everyday life, with people using it for work, communication, and entertainment. However, as the reliance on the internet grows, so does the risk of cyberattacks. Here are some cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2023: Increased sophistication of cyber attacks Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, making…
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Public preview: Microsoft Dev Box

What is the Dev Box? The Microsoft Dev Box is a cloud-based development environment that offers developers the tools and resources they need to create applications for the Azure cloud platform. Developers can access the Dev Box from any web browser, and they can use it to develop applications for any Azure-supported language. The Dev…
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What’s New in Azure: A Summary of the Last 30 Days (August 2022)

General availability: Next hop IP support for Route Server Published date: August 01, 2022 With next hop IP support, you can deploy network virtual appliances (NVAs) behind an Azure Internal Load Balancer (ILB) to acheive key active-passive connectivity scenarios and improve connectivity performance. To learn more about this feature, check out next hop IP support. Azure Firewall…
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Azure Update Management Center (Preview)

Update management centre (preview) is a unified service to help manage and govern updates for all your machines. You can monitor Windows and Linux update compliance across your deployments in Azure, on-premises, and on the other cloud platforms from a single dashboard. Using the Update management centre (preview), you can make updates in real-time or…
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Azure Network Manager – Get the best for the minimum amount.

Azure Virtual Network Manager (In Preview), is a central management service for your virtual network resources, significantly reducing your operational overhead. Easily manage your virtual network infrastructure while scaling your cloud-based workloads. Use the centralized solution to create and manage complex network topologies and network security rules globally across subscriptions. The brief tutorial explains how…
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What’s New in Azure: A Summary of the Last 30 Days (July 2022)

Published date: 01 August 2022 Generally available: Azure Public IPv6 offerings are free as of July 31 Effective July 31 2022, all Public IPv6 Addresses and Public IPv6 Prefixes will be free. The Public IP billing meters will also reflect this change with updated naming: Basic IPv4 Public IP, Basic IPv4 Static Public IP, and Standard…
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Azure Support Engineer for Connectivity Specialty: Exam review

AZ-720 was released around the last week of June 2022. This exam focuses troubleshoot hybrid environments, including issues with Azure Virtual Machines, virtual networks, and connectivity between on-premises and Azure services. As per Microsoft: Candidates for this exam should have experience with networking and with hybridenvironments, including knowledge of routing, permissions, and account limits. They…
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Multiple backups per day for Azure VMs

Though this feature is in public preview but is good to have for mission-critical workloads. Azure Virtual Machine Backup enables you to create an enhanced policy to take multiple snapshots a day. Understanding your need to protect mission-critical workloads in Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Backup now previews low recovery point objective (RPO) to as low as four hours.…
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Azure Bastion IP based connection

IP-based connection lets you connect to your on-premises, non-Azure, and Azure virtual machines via Azure Bastion over ExpressRoute or a VPN site-to-site connection using a specified private IP address. Configuring IP Based Connection: Create a Bastion: 2. Enable IP Based Connection 3. RDP/SSH to the VM (on-premise / non-Azure) from the Bastion Resource:

Public preview: Azure DNS Private Resolver – Hybrid name resolution and conditional forwarding

Azure DNS private resolver is a cloud-native, highly available, and DevOps-friendly service. It provides a simple, zero- maintenance, reliable, and secure Domain Name System (DNS) service to resolve and conditionally forward DNS queries from a virtual network, on-premises, and to other target DNS servers without the need to create and manage a custom DNS solution.…
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