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Azure Subscription IDs are crucial for managing and administering Microsoft Azure services. This unique alphanumeric string is a key to accessing and securing your Azure resources. Let’s dive into seven methods to locate your Azure Subscription ID, ensuring each step is clear and easy to follow.

1. Azure Portal: A User-Friendly Approach

  • Sign in to the Azure Portal at
  • On the left-hand menu, click on “Subscriptions.”
  • A list of your subscriptions appears. The Subscription ID is under the “Subscription ID” column.
  • This method is intuitive and straightforward, ideal for those preferring a graphical user interface.

2. Azure CLI: Command-Line

  • Open a command prompt or terminal window.
  • Enter the Azure CLI command: az account list --output table.
  • Look for the “SubscriptionId” column in the output.
  • This approach suits users comfortable with command-line interfaces, offering quick access to subscription details.

3. PowerShell: For Scripting Enthusiasts

  • Open Windows PowerShell or Azure PowerShell.
  • Run the cmdlet: Get-AzSubscription.
  • Your Subscription ID will be in the “Id” column.
  • PowerShell is a powerful tool for those who prefer scripting or need to automate Azure management tasks.

4. Azure Resource Manager Template: For Template Users

  • If you have an Azure Resource Manager template, check the parameters section to find the subscription.
  • The Subscription ID is usually included in these templates.
  • This method is best for users who regularly work with ARM templates for deploying Azure resources.

5. REST API: Advanced Method for Developers

  • Make a GET request to the Azure Resource Manager API endpoint.
  • The Subscription ID will be part of the response.
  • This approach is tailored for developers or admins who manage Azure resources programmatically.

6. Azure PowerShell Script: Automation Made Simple

  • This script automatically retrieves and displays your Subscription ID.
$subscription = Get-AzSubscription -SubscriptionName "Your Subscription Name" $subscriptionId = $subscription.Id Write-Host "Subscription ID: $subscriptionId"
  • Ideal for automating the retrieval of Azure Subscription IDs in a scripted environment.

7. Azure DevOps: For DevOps Professionals

  • In Azure DevOps, find your subscription ID within pipeline configurations or project settings.
  • This method is relevant for teams and individuals using Azure DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.


Q: How can I find my Azure subscription ID and enable security features on my Microsoft Entra tenant account?

To find your Azure subscription ID and enable security features on your Microsoft Entra tenant account, follow these steps:

  1. Find Your Azure Subscription ID: Use the Azure CLI command Get-AzSubscription. This command will list all subscriptions your account can access. After running the get-azsubscription cmdlet, you will see your subscription ID in the output.
  2. Find Your Microsoft Entra Tenant ID: Go to the Azure portal, and navigate to Azure Active Directory (AAD). Look for the “Tenant ID” section to see the ID associated with your tenant.
  3. Enable Security Features: In your Microsoft Entra tenant, select the security options that you may need. You can view these options in the security section of the microsoft entra id tenant settings.
  4. Next Steps for Additional Security: Consider enabling Azure Active Directory security updates and features. This can be done by searching for security updates in the Azure portal using the search box at the top edge of the screen.
  5. Additional Resources and Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions, use the help icon in the Azure portal for technical support and additional resources. Microsoft Learn is also a valuable resource where you can find more information and step-by-step guides; take advantage of it.
  6. Feedback and Further Customization: After completing these steps, you can provide feedback through the Azure portal. If you need more personalized settings, you can manually adjust them directly under the admin section or ask for further guidance from Microsoft support.
  7. Cloud Application Integration: If you have cloud applications, you can associate them with your Azure subscription and Microsoft Entra tenant by registering and assigning the necessary permissions. This can be done in the application section of your Azure account.
  8. Subscription Management for Contributors: If you are a contributor to a product or project within your organization, make sure your Azure account is correctly associated with the project and that you have the necessary level of access.

Remember, always keep your tenant and subscription information secure, and regularly check for new features and security updates to ensure your cloud environment is protected.

Q: How can you add additional resources to your Azure subscription?

To add additional resources to your Azure subscription, you first need to log into your Azure admin account. Next, navigate to the subscription where you want to add resources. There, you can create and add new resources or services. This process involves selecting the specific type of resource you need and configuring it according to your requirements.

Q: What are the next steps after obtaining your tenant ID in Azure?

After obtaining your tenant ID in Azure, the next steps involve using this ID as a reference point to perform various administrative tasks. The tenant ID is a key value that relates to many aspects of your Azure environment. It’s used to identify your organization’s specific instance in the cloud and is essential for configuring permissions, managing resources, and integrating with other Microsoft services.

Q: Can you explain how to use the Azure CLI to find your Azure subscription and tenant ID?

To use the Azure CLI to find your Azure subscription and tenant ID, first, open the Azure CLI and run the az account show command. This command will display details about your current Azure subscription, including the subscriptionId and tenantId. The subscriptionId helps you identify and manage your Azure subscription, while the tenantId is used for tenant-level administration tasks in Azure.

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