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2 Oct:

  • Azure Container Apps: Now eligible for Azure savings plan for compute.
  • Azure Monitor & Resource Graph: Azure Log Alerts now support Azure Resource Graph (ARG) and allow data joining between ARG and other sources.

3 Oct:

  • Azure Backup: Multi-user authorization for Backup vaults is now available. Enhanced soft delete for Azure Backup is also available.
  • Azure Data Explorer: Add-On for Splunk is now in public preview.

4 Oct:

  • Virtual Machines: Trusted Launch foundational compute security is now available for existing Azure Generation 2 VMs.
  • Microsoft Azure: A new cloud region has been launched in Italy.

5 Oct:

  • App Service: Backup and Restore over Azure Virtual Network is now in preview.
  • Azure Cosmos DB & IoT Hub: Azure IoT Hub now supports setting up an Azure Cosmos DB account as a custom endpoint.
  • Azure NetApp Files: Customer-managed keys for volume encryption are now available in US Gov regions (Preview).
  • Microsoft Playwright Testing: A new service for scalable end-to-end testing for modern web apps is now in preview.

6 Oct:

  • Retirement notice: Bing Speech will be retired on 3 November 2023. Users are advised to migrate from Bing Speech to Speech Services and the Speech SDK by 3 November 2023.
  • Azure Cosmos DB: The built-in Jupyter notebooks will be retired on 30 March 2024. Users are recommended to transition to Visual Studio Code’s support for Jupyter notebooks.
  • Azure Activity Logs: The Legacy solution is being replaced by Diagnostic settings.
  • Azure Cache for Redis: Support for TLS 1.0/1.1 will end on 30 September 2024.
  • Azure Machine Learning: Support for Explanation and Fairness Dashboards will end on 14 March 2025. Users are advised to transition to the Responsible AI Dashboard.
  • Azure Monitor: Users should migrate to agent-based VM insights by 31 August 2024.
  • Azure Service Bus: Some SDK libraries will be retired on 30 September 2026. Users should migrate to the latest SDKs.
  • Migrate to Azure Resource Manager control plane API version 2021-11-01 by 30 September 2026: Older control plane APIs in Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure Relay will be retired.

9 Oct:

  • Azure Chaos Studio: Now has Query-Based Dynamic Targets in public preview.

10 Oct:

  • Azure API Management: Public Preview launch of new pricing tiers: Basic v2 and Standard v2.
  • Azure Files: Now supports an expanded character set for file and directory names.
  • Azure ExpressRoute: Traffic Collector is now generally available.

11 Oct:

  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets: Default Orchestration Mode changing from Uniform to Flexible on PowerShell, Azure CLI.
  • Azure Backup for AKS: Regional Disaster Recovery is now in private preview.
  • Azure Database for MySQL: Several features now available, including Azure Private Link for MySQL – Flexible Server and Universal cross-region read replica.
  • Azure SQL: General availability enhancements and updates released for early-October 2023.

12 Oct:

  • Azure Dedicated Host: Resize capability is now generally available.

13 Oct:

  • Azure Functions: Support for Python 3.8 is ending on 14 October 2024. Users should upgrade to Python 3.9 or above.
  • Windows Server 2012/R2: Has reached its end of support.

16 Oct:

  • Azure Machine Learning: Several features now available in GA and Public Preview, including network isolation experience, model deployment locally, and more.

17 Oct:

  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets: New recovery options available on automatic instance repairs for less-disruptive repair actions on sensitive workloads.

18 Oct:

  • Azure AI Content Safety: Now generally available, this service detects and assigns severity scores to unsafe images and text across content categories and languages.

19 Oct:

  • Zone Redundant Storage for Azure Disks: Now available in Norway East and UAE North regions for Azure Premium SSD and Standard SSD.
  • Virtual Machines: Default outbound access connectivity will be retired in September 2025.

20 Oct:

  • Changes to My Groups admin controls: New settings will enable admins to restrict end users from viewing and editing security groups in My Groups. The existing settings that allow enabling or disabling of My Groups will be retired in June 2024.

23 Oct:

  • Microsoft Security Email Update: Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). The rename and new product icon are being rolled out across experiences from Microsoft.

24 Oct:

  • Azure Compute Reservations: The availability of Azure compute reservations exchanges has been extended until at least July 1st, 2024.

25 Oct:

  • Azure Functions: Performance optimizations for the isolated worker model in .NET and Service Bus message settlement in isolated worker model are now available.
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Features like disabling Secure Shell (SSH) support, encrypting OS and Data disks with own managed keys, and more are now available.
  • Azure NetApp Files: Standard storage with cool access is now in public preview.
  • SQL Server – Azure Arc: Extended Security Updates announced for SQL Server 2014.
  • Azure Site Recovery: Built-in Azure Monitor alerts are now in public preview.
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL: Several features related to storage auto-grow, support for latest PostgreSQL minor versions, and more are now available.
  • Azure Cache for Redis: Features like flush data operation and update channel for caches are now available.
  • Azure Cosmos DB: Features like Azure Synapse Link compatibility with Cosmos DB continuous backup and support for PostgreSQL 16 in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL are now available.

26 Oct:

  • Azure Sphere OS: Version 23.10 is expected to be available on November 8. The Azure Sphere team has also updated the trusted keystore of Azure Sphere devices.
  • Azure Static Web Apps: Traffic Splitting and Snippets features are now in public preview.

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