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Create a Service Connection: DevOps & Azure connection

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Create a Service Connection: DevOps & Azure connection

Here’s a quick guide on how to connect Azure DevOps to Azure using the Service Principle.

Go to Azure and register a new app as shown:

After registration, create a secret:

From Azure copy:

Client ID

Tenant ID

Subscription ID – From Azure Portal.

Value of Secret

Now go to subscription, and add service principle as Contributor (or whatever access you need), so the app has permissions for deployments.

Now, go to DevOps and create a connection as shown:

You will need the 5 items copied from Azure Portal, ie.

  • Subscription ID
  • Subscription Name
  • Client ID
  • Secret Value
  • Tenant ID

And hit verify and save:

You’re now good to use the connection from DevOps and use it to deploy resources in Azure

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