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In today’s fast-paced tech environment, Microsoft Azure stands out as a comprehensive cloud service, offering an array of features designed for development and testing. The Azure Dev/Test Subscription, in particular, is tailored for developers and IT professionals. This blog dives into what the Azure Dev/Test Subscription is, its benefits, and how it integrates with Microsoft’s offerings like Visual Studio and Azure services.

The Azure Dev/Test Subscription

Defining Azure Dev/Test Subscription

At its core, the Azure Dev/Test Subscription is a subset of Microsoft Azure, focused on providing an environment specifically for development and testing purposes. It’s part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to offer integrated cloud services such as analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web capabilities.

Visual Studio Subscribers: The Key Beneficiaries

Visual Studio subscribers stand to gain the most from the Azure Dev/Test Subscription. This plan offers them monthly Azure credits, which can be used across a wide range of Azure services, tailored for development and testing, separate from production environments.

Developing and Testing with Azure

The subscription provides a comprehensive environment for building, deploying, and testing applications. It includes access to Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service, and more, all optimized for a development and test workflow.

Pricing Structure and Cost-Saving Aspects

Understanding Azure Dev/Test Pricing

The Azure Dev/Test Subscription is structured to be cost-effective. Users benefit from reduced rates on Azure services, making it a budget-friendly option for development and testing compared to standard Azure pricing.

Monthly Azure Credits and Azure Plan

Visual Studio subscribers receive monthly Azure credits, which are a part of their subscription benefits. These credits can be applied to a wide range of Azure services within the Azure plan, thereby reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

Azure Hybrid Benefit: A Cost Reduction Tool

A crucial feature for cost savings is the Azure Hybrid Benefit. This allows users to apply their existing Windows Server and SQL Server licenses within Azure, leading to considerable cost reductions, especially for enterprise customers.

Virtual Machines: Economical Testing Solutions

Virtual Machines are a central component of this subscription, offering a cost-effective solution for creating various testing environments. The pricing for Azure Virtual Machines under this subscription is significantly lower than the standard Azure rates.

Detailed Features of Azure Dev/Test Subscription

Azure Services and Azure DevOps Integration

The subscription includes various Azure services, essential for a robust development and testing framework. Azure DevOps, a part of this suite, provides tools for collaboration, source control, project management, and CI/CD pipelines.

Development and Test Environments

Azure facilitates diverse development and test environments through its services like Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure App Service, and Azure DevTest Labs. The resources within this subscription are restricted to development and testing, ensuring a clear demarcation from production workloads.

Usage Policies and Restrictions

It is important to note that the Azure Dev/Test Subscription does not support production workloads. Usage within the subscription is restricted to development and testing, ensuring compliance and cost control.

Getting Started with Azure Dev/Test

Trial Opportunities with ‘Try Azure’

For those new to Azure Dev/Test, Microsoft offers trial opportunities through ‘Try Azure’. This allows potential users to explore the features and capabilities of Azure services before committing to a subscription.

Learning Resources on Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn provides extensive resources for users to understand and leverage their Azure Dev/Test Subscription effectively. These resources include tutorials, guides, and best practices.

Enterprise Agreement and Subscription Management

Enterprise agreement customers and those managing multiple Azure subscriptions can benefit significantly from the Dev/Test offering. They can create multiple Azure subscriptions for various projects, all under the umbrella of the Azure enterprise portal.


Q: What is Microsoft Azure and How Can I Try It?

A: Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. If you’re interested in trying Azure, you can start with a free trial or explore its services through the Azure account portal. This trial allows you to use Azure resources and gain hands-on experience with its capabilities.

Q: How Do VMs Integrate with Azure?

A: Virtual Machines (VMs) are a crucial part of Azure’s offerings, allowing users to create and use virtualized computing environments within Azure’s infrastructure. This integration supports a wide range of computing solutions, from development and testing to running large-scale applications. Azure’s VMs provide the flexibility to choose the operating system, including options like Windows 10 images, and the capacity that matches your specific requirements.

Q: What is the Azure Plan and How Does It Work?

A: The Azure Plan is a flexible subscription model offered by Microsoft Azure. It’s designed to cater to various user needs, from individual developers to large enterprises. Under this plan, users can access Azure services, including cloud services, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure HDInsight. The plan details different tiers and services, which can be tailored based on specific development, testing, and deployment needs.

Q: Can I Use Azure for Development and Testing?

A: Absolutely! Azure is an excellent platform for development and testing. It supports a wide range of development tools, including Visual Studio, and provides environments for testing various applications and services. Azure subscriptions based on this offer are often restricted to developing and testing purposes, ensuring that resources are optimized for these workloads. Additionally, Azure offers specific services like Logic Apps and HDInsight, which are supported on Azure virtual machines, facilitating a comprehensive development and test environment.

Q: What Benefits Do Active Visual Studio Subscribers Get with Azure?

A: Active Visual Studio subscribers have access to a range of benefits on Azure. This includes monthly Azure credits, which can be used to explore and utilize various Azure services. The subscription provides a conducive environment for development and testing on Azure, with access to resources like Azure Logic Apps and Azure Cloud Services. Additionally, the subscription comes with software from the Visual Studio suite, which can be used in conjunction with Azure for a more integrated development experience. However, it’s important to note that the use of these resources and software is generally restricted to development and testing purposes only.

Q: What Are the Specific Azure Credits Offered for Visual Studio Subscribers?

A: Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers are a key benefit, providing individual monthly Azure credits. These credits can be used for various Azure services, facilitating development and testing on Azure. It’s a valuable resource for subscribers to experiment with Azure’s diverse offerings without incurring additional costs.

Q: How Do I Learn More About Azure and Its Services?

A: To learn more about Azure, Microsoft Learn is an excellent resource. It offers a comprehensive range of tutorials, documentation, and learning paths tailored for Azure. Whether you’re interested in Azure Logic Apps, Azure HDInsight, or other cloud services, Microsoft Learn provides detailed insights and hands-on learning experiences.

Q: Is the Azure Subscription Only for Development and Testing?

A: Yes, Azure subscriptions based on the Visual Studio offer are primarily restricted to developing and testing workloads. This means the subscription does not carry over for production environments or other non-development uses. The focus is to provide a robust platform for users to build, test, and refine their applications within a controlled environment.

Q: Can Microsoft Server Software Products Be Used on Azure?

A: Yes, a wide range of Microsoft server software products is supported on Azure virtual machines. This includes compatibility with various software covered by your Visual Studio subscription, allowing for seamless integration and use within Azure’s cloud infrastructure. This compatibility extends the range of potential development and testing scenarios for users.

Q: What are the key benefits of a Visual Studio subscription for Azure users?

A: The Visual Studio subscription offers numerous benefits, including access to software from your Visual Studio, and the ability to use the Azure resources running within an enterprise for development and testing workloads. It also includes monthly Azure credits and the capability to run Windows 10 images on Azure, which enhances the efficiency of VMs and Azure operations.

Q: Is it necessary to have a Visual Studio subscription to effectively use Azure DevOps?

A: Yes, to fully utilize the capabilities of Azure DevOps, you need a Visual Studio subscription. This subscription is restricted to developing and testing workloads on Azure, ensuring that you have the necessary tools and resources for efficient project management and development within Azure’s ecosystem.

Q: Can I use my monthly Azure credits for any purpose within Azure services?

A: The use of monthly Azure credits obtained through a Visual Studio subscription is primarily for developing and testing within Azure services. However, it’s important to note that except for the use of Azure DevOps, these credits can be applied broadly to various Azure resources, enhancing your development experience.

Q: What Kinds of Offers Are Available with Azure?

A: Azure offers a variety of plans and offers tailored to different user needs. From individual developers to large enterprises, there’s an offer available to suit a range of requirements. These offers often include Azure credits, access to various Azure services, and support for software included with your Visual Studio subscription. The Azure account portal provides detailed information on current offers and how to get started with Azure.

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