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Last Updated on June 22, 2024 by Arnav Sharma

Windows 11 brings a fresh look and a host of new features to the Windows operating system. To maximize your productivity and make your computing experience smoother, it’s essential to get familiar with the array of keyboard shortcuts available. Whether you’re a seasoned Windows user or just getting started, these shortcuts can help you navigate your system more efficiently, streamline your tasks, and make the most out of Windows 11’s capabilities.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Windows Key + D Show/Hide the desktop
Windows Key + E Open File Explorer
Windows Key + L Lock your PC
Windows Key + M Minimize all windows
Windows Key + R Open the Run dialog box
Windows Key + Tab Open Task View
Windows Key + Ctrl + D Add a virtual desktop
Windows Key + Ctrl + F4 Close the current virtual desktop
Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right Switch between virtual desktops
Windows Key + I Open Settings
Windows Key + PrtScn Take a screenshot and save it to Pictures folder
Ctrl + A Select all items in a document or window
Ctrl + C Copy selected items to the clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste items from the clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut selected items
Ctrl + Z Undo an action
Ctrl + Y Redo an action
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open Task Manager
Alt + Tab Switch between open applications
Alt + F4 Close the active window
Alt + Space Open the shortcut menu for the active window
F2 Rename the selected item
F3 Search for a file or folder
F4 Display the address bar list in File Explorer
F5 Refresh the active window
F6 Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F10 Activate the menu bar in the active app
Ctrl + Shift + N Create a new folder
Ctrl + Alt + Del Open the security options screen
Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen the last closed tab in a browser
Ctrl + Tab Switch to the next tab in a browser
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to the previous tab in a browser
Ctrl + Shift + B Restart the graphics driver
Shift + Delete Permanently delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin
Shift + F10 Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
PrtScn Copy the entire screen to the clipboard
Windows Key + Shift + S Open Snip & Sketch to capture a portion of the screen
Windows Key + G Open Game Bar
Windows Key + H Open the dictation feature
Windows Key + K Open the Connect pane for wireless displays and audio
Windows Key + U Open Ease of Access Center
Windows Key + X Open the Quick Link menu


Q: What are some useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10?

AA: Windows keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that provide a way to do something that you would typically do with a mouse. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts you need to know:

  • Windows Key + D: Show desktop
  • Alt + Tab: Switch between open apps by using Alt + Tab, a hotkey that improves efficiency in multitasking across various software in your operating system.
  • Ctrl + C: Copy
  • Ctrl + V: Paste
  • Windows Key + L: Lock your PC
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager

Q: How can I use the Game Bar in Windows 10?

AA: To use the Game Bar in Windows 10, press the combination Windows Key + G. This shortcut opens the Game Bar, where you can take screenshots, record gameplay, and more. For more tricks and shortcuts, you can check the ultimate guide to keyboard shortcuts in Windows.

Q: What is the function of the Command Prompt in Windows?

AA: The Command Prompt in Windows allows you to run command line commands. It is useful for executing scripts, running batch files, and performing administrative tasks. You can open it by typing “cmd” in the Start menu or using the shortcut Windows Key + R and then typing “cmd”.

Q: How do I switch between virtual desktops in Windows 11?

AA: To switch between virtual desktops in Windows 11, use the shortcut Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow. This allows you to navigate between your virtual desktops seamlessly.

Q: What are some shortcuts for Microsoft Edge?

AA: Here are some useful shortcuts for Microsoft Edge:

  • Ctrl + T: Open a new tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen the last closed tab
  • Ctrl + W: Close the current tab
  • Ctrl + Tab: Switch to the next tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + B: Toggle the favorites bar

Q: How can I pin apps to the Taskbar in Windows 10?

AA: To pin apps to the Taskbar in Windows 10, right-click the app in the Start menu or search for it, then select “Pin to Taskbar”. You can also use the keyboard to navigate and pin items by pressing the Windows Key, typing the app name, and then using the arrow keys and Enter to pin it.

Q: What are some keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word?

AA: Here are some essential keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word:

  • Ctrl + S: Save the document
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo
  • Ctrl + P: Print
  • Ctrl + B: Bold
  • Ctrl + I: Italic
  • Ctrl + U: Underline

Q: What is the shortcut for opening File Explorer in Windows 10?

AA: To open File Explorer in Windows 10, press Windows Key + E. This will open a new File Explorer window, allowing you to navigate your files and folders quickly.

Q: How can I give feedback to Microsoft about Windows 10?

AA: To give feedback to Microsoft about Windows 10, use the Feedback Hub app. You can find it by typing “Feedback Hub” in the Start menu. This tool allows you to provide feedback and report issues directly to Microsoft.

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