Month: January 2023

azure, cybersecurity, IT

Exploring Cyber Warfare Tactics

Cyber warfare continues to be an ever-growing threat on the international stage, as countries now have the capability to launch attacks on one another without physical presence. As a result, it is important for individuals and businesses to understand the basics of cyber warfare tactics in order to protect against potential threats. Exploring Cyber Warfare…
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The 6 Pillars of Robust Cloud Security

Cloud security is the set of policies, technologies, and controls used to protect data, applications, web services, and infrastructure associated with cloud computing. It includes both the security provided by the cloud provider as well as the security measures taken by the customer to protect their cloud data and applications. There are a number of…
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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud in 2023 (Comparing the Giants)

In 2023, Google Cloud, AWS and  Azure will all be major players in the cloud market. However, there will be some differences between them. Google Cloud will focus on delivering a comprehensive set of services to its customers. Azure will be more focused on providing a robust cloud platform that can be used to build sophisticated…
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