Month: December 2022

azure, cybersecurity, IT

Goodbye 2022 – It’s Been a Wild Ride

It’s been an exciting ride for the year 2022. As we say goodbye and reflect on the year, it’s hard not to notice the amount of change that has happened in such a short time. From the global pandemic that shook the world to political unrest that affected all aspects of society, life has certainly…
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Cybersecurity In Healthcare

As healthcare and technology continue to evolve, so does the need for increased cybersecurity in healthcare. Healthcare organizations are collecting more data than ever before, making them prime targets for cyberattacks. While the use of electronic health records has made patient care more efficient, it has also created new security risks. To combat these risks,…
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Add Sleep or Pause to PowerShell Script

Adding sleep or a pause to a PowerShell script can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your workflow. By adding pauses, you can give yourself extra time to read the output of a command, wait for a process to finish executing, or take a break from running scripts. You can also use…
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The ACSC Essential Eight: What They Are and Why They Matter

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has released its Essential Eight, a list of eight security strategies that organizations can use to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. The Essential Eight are designed to be implemented in a layered approach, with each layer providing additional protection. Implementing all eight strategies will provide a high level of protection…
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Azure Updates in the last 30 days

General availability: Ephemeral OS disk support for confidential virtual machines Published date: November 02, 2022 Microsoft announced support for creating confidential VMs using Ephemeral OS disks. This enables customers using stateless workloads to benefit from the trusted execution environments (TEEs). Trusted execution environments protect data being processed from access outside the trusted execution environments. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server…
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